Digital History

Most of my time spent was on Mapping Occupation. I enjoy analyzing maps so I was able to examine some of the time periods associated with the troops and their zone of occupation along with their size. The Mapping Occupation site gave aid toward my understanding of the chronological timeline map from 1865 to 1878. I liked how as I go on to the next stage of the timeline, I was able to view the map with such explanation of why the troop presence were in certain areas of the country along with the helpful legend that I could easily … Continue reading Digital History

Visualization Tools

Using the social media visualization tools made me think of several things. It simply tells amazing story with your data. Secondly, it simply helps the viewer to understand relationship from anything  they desire to follow on. Using the tools made me feel like I was in my own global classroom where I was able to increase my knowledge on who was seeing my profile. So in such idea, I was able to see my audience that I haven’t actually perceive before from Facebook for example. I was able to see others in my “global classroom” that I hadn’t paid attention to … Continue reading Visualization Tools